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Nancy Norton

Friday • May 10 • 7:00p & 9:30p

Saturday • May 11 • 7:00pm & 9:30p

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Nancy Norton comedian and nurse! She was the 2018 WINNER of the Boston Comedy Festival.  The only woman to win that prestigious festival since it began.

Nancy began touring as a standup comedian in 1991 and tours nationally and internationally, headlining clubs and Conferences delivering Keynotes.  Nancy Jokes:  “Being born the 4th of 3 children, I thrive on the attention from strangers!”

Norton is known for delivering engaging, high energy, face-paced performances that connect with universal truths through her in the moment and intuitive style and customized material.

You may have seen Nancy Headlining at Comedy Clubs, Cruises, speaking at a Conference or on various TV showcases over the years: doing standup on “Evening at the Improv” on A & E, currently on Amazon Prime Video, in her one-woman show, “The Yellowish-Green Girl” on PBS and featured on Nickmom Night Out on Nickelodeon.

Another one of Nancy’s passions is helping people remember the joy and empowerment one gets from being in the present moment.  Humor is a basic human need and helps us stay healthy, de-stress, cope with trauma and enhances creative problem solving.  Learn more through Nancy’s Keynote:  “Find Your Ahahaha! Moments!  Laugh and Grow Rich!”  or through her improv workshops called “Practicing Playful Presence”.

Nancy worked as a Registered Nurse for many years and shares hilarious healthcare anecdotes that will leave you in stitches… and really wanting to STAY WELL.

Current project:  Writing “Every Cloud Has a Silly Lining” a collection of short stories revealing how humor helps us cope with stress and trauma.

Nancy lives in Colorado and balances writing, speaking, workshops and comedy engagements with being a “Single-Stay-AWAY-From-Home-Mom” to her teenage son.  She and her son enjoy skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, martial arts, creating music, and camping at beautiful sights from coast to coast. Most of all, they seriously enjoy making each other laugh.

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