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Ken FLores - Headshot.jpeg

Ken Flores

Friday •April 12• 7:00p & 9:30p

Saturday • April 13 • 7:00pm & 9:30p

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Ken Flores is a Chicago-based stand-up comedian. Known for his unfiltered and unapologetic humor. A rapidly rising star in stand-up comedy thanks to his hilarious TikTok and Instagram reels. His unique jokes and quick crowd work have helped him accumulate over 500,000 followers across the world! Ken’s laid-back stage presence and off the wall comedy has been called refreshing and wild. Ken’s career is moving fast! Whether he is touring the country or being part of a roast battle with the roast master general himself Jeff Ross! When you see Ken live, get ready to be locked in your seat waiting to hear what crazy things he has to say next!

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